The PLF Business Facilitator Certification Program

General Outline

The PLF Business Facilitator Program was originally developed with the intention to produce professional Business Facilitators (BFs) to facilitate PLF Business Lab sessions.

By our definition, a Business Facilitator is a certified facilitator who facilitates a structured entrepreneur-help-entrepreneur session. Such a session is initiated for entrepreneurs to voice out their challenges and to seek advice and opinions from fellow entrepreneurs to address those challenges. What better way to learn from than their fellow peers.

A Business Facilitator will facilitate such a session, or Business Lab, so that opinions and suggestions are given to solve problems and not to complicate matters even more.

The  program will be divided in to 2 main sections:

The Business Facilitator (BF)
This section will be divided into 5 subsections:
1. Clarifying Intentions
2. Facilitate Discussions
3. Encourage Participation
4. Obtain Feedback
5. Record Information

In this section, the participants will first learn the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Standard People Procedures (SPP) on how to conduct a full Business Lab session and the responsibilities that go with the role of being a BF. They will also learn how manage and facilitate the attendees of the Lab using facilitation skills and NLP language patterns.
BF Certification Audit
After the first day, BFs will run a real or mock Business Lab and they will be audited to certify them to be Professional Business Facilitators.

As a reward for undergoing the audit, BFs will learn Basic SOIF Coaching Techniques to add to their skills toolbox.

The Professional Business Facilitator By Definition

The word ‘PROFESSIONAL’ addresses the conduct and behaviour of the BF, that the BF will at all times adhere to all things Halal and Legal in everything they do and how they do it. The word also denotes that the BF is aware of what they do and how their actions can implicitly or explicitly affect their environment at any time.

The word ‘BUSINESS’ ensures that all activities facilitated by the BF during a Business Lab session will purely focus on the subject of business, i.e. the enhancement and improvement of businesses of the attendees to the Lab.

The word ‘FACILITATOR’ denotes a person who Facilitates, ‘someone who makes progress easier’ (Source). The facilitator will be tasked to facilitate discussions and to encourage participation among the attendees towards achieving the objectives of the Business Lab.

Program Objectives

Equipment Needed

The following equipment would assist in the effectiveness of the program:

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