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Rohaya Abd Rani

How I Started

I was with several corporations before, doing accounting and audit before I decided to be a full time mom. I now raise and care for my three kids.

I took an NLP Practitioner course back in 2013 and have been practicing what I have learned in the course since. I found NLP tools and techniques very flexible and can be used for almost any topics in life, including Parenting.

I’m an avid reader, attended various online classes and did my own research on parenting, children development and integrating the NLP knowledge I have with these topics.

I also have an FB page entitled Ask Aya – Managing Kids Using NLP where I share my knowledge and experiences using NLP on kids as well as answering any parenting questions the readers might have.

I am an author of Take Charge! Parents, a Professional Learning Facilitator, Neuro Learning Parent and NLP Parent Coach of Take Charge Sdn Bhd.

A Little About NLP and Parents

NLP is anything that works for us in achieving our compelling outcome. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Simply, this means:
• Neuro is basically what goes on in your mind.
• Linguistic is about how you express those thoughts, mainly in words; the language part.
• Programming is the pattern of behaviour resulting from the Neuro and Linguistic part.

In NLP, the mind and body is one system, thus they work with each other to help us achieve anything we desire. Be it excellence in work, business, school, even parenting. NLP is the tool to help us manage the two effectively to achieve our goals and outcomes.

Children are like sponges. They absorb everything super-fast and they are at the optimum phase of learning and doing.

So how do we as Parents ensure that we can be the model of excellence they can follow and how do we help them to achieve their goals?

NLP is one tool which will show us HOW.