Patience Management

General Outline

The stresses of modern day living can often be attributed to the following causes:
 • The feeling that we are not in control
 • The feeling of being inadequate
 • Having nothing to look forward to in Life
 • Unable to communicate with people
 • Difficulty in working with people
 • Coping with the challenges of work

This is a program which shall guide participants to take responsibility for their Life by the choices they make and the goals they set. And in achieving those goals, they will learn to strengthen their communication skills, teamwork and appreciating the world around them. With that, they will learn to eliminate stress by managing their patience.

This program is highly interactive, NLP-rich (Neuro Linguistic Programming), content rich and practical. ‘Practical’ means by the end of the program, participants will know how to take charge of their lives. The program is divided into 5 main sections:

Take Charge! of Myself
Participants will learn to be responsible for the Choices they make, solving problems, and getting their Goals crystal clear.
Take Charge! of My Communication
Participants will learn various tools to communicate effectively which will include powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.
Take Charge! of My Team
Participants will learn what working in a team means and how to work as a team.
Take Charge! of My World
Participants will learn how to make full use of the World around them to achieve their own personal goals.
My Actionable Plan
Participants will put their learning into structured plans of action.

Program Objectives

My Approach

Past participants of my program have varied, from working adults of different levels and different occupations, to students at universities and schools. The modules, regardless of who the participants are remain the same (except of the section Take Charge! of My World) because the issues they face are similar. My examples, however, differ from one group of participants to another, to suite their education and work experience background.

Similarly, the language(s) I use in the program will match who my participants are. I have used Bahasa Malaysia in the dialects of the respective state where the majority of my participants come from. My English too varies from English English to English with a strong Chinese slang to it!

Equipment Needed

The following equipment would assist in the effectiveness of the program:

Your Next Plan of Action