Insane Selling Skills

General Outline

Sales is an art which requires one to be skilful in a variety of disciplines. This program aims to do just that, to expose participants to multi disciplines that would allow them to be flexible in any sales interaction.

The variety of disciplines presented in this highly interactive program are:

 1. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
 2. Conversational Hypnosis
 3. Language and Behaviour Profiling (LAB Profiling)
 4. Non-verbal Language Profiling (Body Language Profiling)
 5. Consumer Behaviour

Each discipline, a major subject on its own, will be presented in its essence. By understanding the subject in its essence will allow the practitioner to be highly flexible to use these knowledge in any way they see appropriate to achieve their sales goals.

This program would benefit professionals from any field as marketing and sales also involves, for example, marketing of ideas, ‘selling’ oneself in an interview, influencing people, negotiation and persuasion, etc.

The program has been developed to incorporate the following marketing and sales strategies:

  1. Read The Client – Using the NLP technique of Eye Accessing and LAB Profile, and Non-verbal Language Profiling participants will learn to ‘read’ the client. By being able to read the client, the sales professional will be able to understand how the client thinks and ultimately manage the client better.

  2. Match The Client – Matching and Mirroring is a powerful NLP technique to build rapport with the client quickly. When the client is comfortable, the client is willing to attentively listen to the sales professional.

  3. Market To The Client – Marketing is about getting the client excited about the product to the extent the client can ‘see’ themselves using the product or services. State Elicitation, Pace & Lead, and Anchoring are the NLP tools to be used in this segment. In addition, participants will learn the subtle art of Conversational Hypnosis to remove any resistance and influence easier.

  4. Sell To The Client – Participants will learn to use powerful language patterns such as Meta Models and Milton Models to probe and analyse information and then to use the information to close the sales. Understanding Consumer Behaviour too will help the sales professional to tug the right strings and push the right buttons to encourage the client to buy.

In addition to the steps above, the participants will be given a practical approach to understanding NLP and its presuppositions. They will also be thought how to Calibrate their Senses via VAKOG (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory).

Program Objectives

Equipment Needed

The following equipment would assist in the effectiveness of the program:

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