get that job! Program

General Outline

This is a program which provides participants practical and effective leverage over other jobseekers. This program is highly interactive, NLP-rich, content rich and practical. ʻPracticalʼ means by the end of the program, participants will know how to take charge of their job application and:
The program is divided into 3 main sections:
Job Application Strategies
Participants will learn how to creatively write application letters and resumes to ensure they irresistibly relevant and attractive to the prospective employer.

Participants will also learn strategies how to send the application to ensure it is read by the ʻrightʼ people.
Attending Interviews Strategies
Participants will learn strong, NLP communication skills to not only attract the interviewer and build rapport very quickly, but also to subtly influence the interviewer to make decisions in their favour.
My Actionable Plan
Participants will put their learning into structured plans of action.

Equipment Needed

The following equipment would assist in the effectiveness of the program:

Your Next Plan of Action